Automated Retail Experts

Automated Retail Experts

Automated Retail ExpertsAutomated Retail Experts

Automated Retail Experts

Automated Retail Experts

Automated Retail ExpertsAutomated Retail ExpertsAutomated Retail Experts

Helping your brand succeed


Helping your brand succeed


The concept of retail automation has been in existence for a long time and has witnessed profound growth in the last five years. The stringent regulations being imposed by the governments augmented by the increasing need to save costs by retailers are the primary factors contributing to the growth of this market. The growing awareness of wireless technologies and the developments towards the integration of such technologies with retail automation products is expected to propel the market in the future. 

Automated Retail offers brands a new, economical and exciting way to sell products and offer a unique experience. The increasing demand for this new type of retail coupled with the lack of knowledge and experience by the retailers gives Express Retail Group a favourable position in the market. 

The total retail automation market was valued at $93.04 billion in 2013 and is expected to reach $275.43 billion by mid 2020. 

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Express Retail Group Inc.

Express Retail Group (ERG) is focused on offering brands and companies a low cost, full service solution to automated retail while proving an exceptional customer experience through the design of the machines, innovative user interface and our timely and professional service and support 

Retail Landscape

Traditional retail has become increasing competitive and brands are constantly searching for new and innovative ways to sell products to customers, create brand awareness and an omni-channel experience and show they are leaders in innovation. With increasing pressure to raise profitability, retailers and brands are looking to create efficiency with delivering products and services to their customer base. Hotels, schools, airports, convention centres, cruise ships and hospitals are looking for new ways to increase value and convenience in their locations.